50-Hour Yin Yoga Training Starts January. Click here!

Learn Yin Yoga

Our next 50-Hour Yin Yoga Certification begins in January. This is the only hybrid self-study/personalized instruction course of its kind. 

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Webinars, Trainings and Special Yin Offerings!

Learn Yin Yoga Certification 2020

This 50-Hour Training has a robust curriculum appropriate for learning to teach yin professionally or to empower yourself to practice at an expert level.

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Try a Short Yin Practice!

Tune in for a demonstration of Frog Pose, a key posture for encouraging groin flexibility and developing mental dexterity.

"It's never too late to come back to practice or start for the first time. It just makes it so much better when you're in good hands. The teachers are all amazing and they love what they do!! Life is a journey, not an event."

Kristen Balotti
Lifelong Yogini and Mindful Mom

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