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A Self-Paced Program

Study the art and practice of Yin Yoga, complete with daily doses of virtual learning, personal instruction and community connections.

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Yin Yoga is the Best Practice for Your Whole Being:

Joint & Mobility Health

Unlike any other Asana practice, Yin Yoga treats the "forgotten areas" of the body - the joints & connective tissue - for long-term mobility & freedom of movement.

Balancing the Body's Energy

Learn three systems of your body's energy and how to maintain your natural vibrational balance, where your body is able to do its work well and keep you thriving. 

Mental & Emotional Conditioning

Yin Yoga develops mental focus, sharpens your ability to stay present and teaches tools for maintaining emotional stability through everyday ups and downs.

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How the Learn Yin Yoga Course Works:

Self-Paced Daily Doses:

You can explore the Learn Yin Yoga curriculum at your own self-guided pace. Done daily, most students complete the course in 2-3 months. 

The technical and philosophical portions are delivered in 5 - 30 minute video daily doses. You can watch at your leisure via your personal Yin Immersion online portal.

Each day, you may practice and learn a pose in depth, understand the anatomy of a part of your body, study the energetics of your meridians or experience a new breathing method. If you miss a day, it’s not too much to make up the next day.

As these videos live in your online course, you keep them all for future reference.

An Interactive Online Community

Your enrollment includes a brand new online community portal for interactive group study, which lets you share insights, ask quick questions and get regular guidance.

Share milestones, insights and accomplishments with others in your cohort while making new connections and building meaningful relationships. 

Through the online portal, many of our students have found a path to new friendships and professional collaboration. 

Premium Full Color Handbook

You will also receive a 70-Page Learn Yin Yoga E-Book that supplements the online programming and includes helpful resources and sequences so that you can read and reference as you start your practice. 

Use your handbook as a quick guide to postures & modifications, a study of energy meridian paths, in-depth look at the joint structures and more. 

All The Tools and Knowledge You Need to Confidently Practice & Teach Yin Yoga:

  • The Philosophy and Practice of Yin Yoga
  • Using Yin to cultivate conscious awareness, emotional stability, mental agility and physical healing
  • Anatomy of the Energy Body, Including 3 Key Energy Models
  • Basic Anatomy of the Physical Body, Including: Bones, Muscles, Joints & Fascia
  • Helpful Props and Practice Preparation
  • A Full Exploration of 50 Postures, including their variations, mechanics, targets and benefits
  • How to Sequence Yin Sessions: Approach and Technique
  • A Versatile Library of Yin Sequences and Practice Videos for diverse situations from arthritis to anxiety
  • Inspirational Stories & Interactive Case Studies
  • Using Yin in Your Daily Life & Beyond

Earn Continuing Education Credits

Yoga Teachers can apply the hours earned in this program towards required Continuing Education Credits on Yoga Alliance. This will completely fulfill the 3-year CEU total for 200- and 500- Hour Registered Yoga Teachers. 

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We draw from two decades of experience teaching yoga to help prepare practitioners for study. Apply today so we can take special care in helping you get the most out of learning. 

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